Vince Kidd finally bursts back into the spotlight with his music video, “Almost Angels”.

Singer/songwriter Vince Kidd rose to fame on The Voice and enjoyed a sell-out tour back in 2013. Soon after wowing the world with his raw talent and quirky image, Vince realized he was having unusual difficulty seeing his way around the dimly lit nightclubs. Shortly after he was diagnosed with a hereditary degenerative eyesight disorder which in time, will leave him blind. Once he got the news, Vince decided to abandon his existing plans for a debut album and take some time out to rethink his next steps. Now though, after a few years spent writing for other artists, he has finally emerged from the studio with an exciting new sound and direction.

This dark-gospel, love and death story is a completely different direction for Vince that portrays him in a more serious light. Yet Callum Vincent‘s styling hints at a whimsical undertone more in keeping with Vince’s style from when he was in The Voice back in 2012. Directed by Ben Charles Edwards, the video takes you on a London gangland drama with cinematic backdrops and violence. The use of London’s famous brutalist architecture  giving a gritty reminder of the origins of the warehouse wastelands many young Londoner’s call home. The edgy urban footage is the brain work of Cinematographer John Bretherton – What an amazing team, to create this video!

This is an immense plunge back into the front line of music for Vince, and with a debut album on the horizon, he is definitely one-to-watch for the remainder of 2016 and beyond!

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