This “clickable” campaign also including LAB Series Skincare for Men is at the forefront of simplistic shopping

Since leaving the Senior Designer role at Paul Smith only two years ago, Joshua Kane’s label has come on leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to modernising commerce. Now the much fabled designer has launched a new interactive campaign; proof of the new and improved shopping experience.

The interactive video compliments Joshua’s runway campaign for his AW16 collection, encouraging consumers to actively engage and click on all aspects of the video, which in turn links to content from Joshua’s online shop. This ‘clickable’ content includes products from his menswear, womenswear and accessories collections, as well as the LAB Series skincare used on the male models with the option to purchase, and extra information on the product, such as where it is made and from what materials.

This continuation of technological advancements within the Joshua Kane label has also led to the brand being nominated at the Fashion Futures Awards for the ‘Beyond The Runway’ Category, held in association with the British Fashion Council.

View the interactive campaign here.


Vince Kidd finally bursts back into the spotlight with his music video, “Almost Angels”.

Singer/songwriter Vince Kidd rose to fame on The Voice and enjoyed a sell-out tour back in 2013. Soon after wowing the world with his raw talent and quirky image, Vince realized he was having unusual difficulty seeing his way around the dimly lit nightclubs. Shortly after he was diagnosed with a hereditary degenerative eyesight disorder which in time, will leave him blind. Once he got the news, Vince decided to abandon his existing plans for a debut album and take some time out to rethink his next steps. Now though, after a few years spent writing for other artists, he has finally emerged from the studio with an exciting new sound and direction.

This dark-gospel, love and death story is a completely different direction for Vince that portrays him in a more serious light. Yet Callum Vincent‘s styling hints at a whimsical undertone more in keeping with Vince’s style from when he was in The Voice back in 2012. Directed by Ben Charles Edwards, the video takes you on a London gangland drama with cinematic backdrops and violence. The use of London’s famous brutalist architecture  giving a gritty reminder of the origins of the warehouse wastelands many young Londoner’s call home. The edgy urban footage is the brain work of Cinematographer John Bretherton – What an amazing team, to create this video!

This is an immense plunge back into the front line of music for Vince, and with a debut album on the horizon, he is definitely one-to-watch for the remainder of 2016 and beyond!


Nao launches  debut album, “For All We know” at Kamio in East London

On Thursday, after a long wait and to a packed-out room of fans and industry folk alike, NAO unveiled her debut album ‘For We All Know’ in glorious fashion.

When the doors at Kamio opened an hour before the curtain call, Nao was waiting. Walking through the crowd, the young singer personally greeted all the “early birds,” chatting with the assembled groups to thank them for coming out. This not only gave the whole evening an amazing atmosphere, it also shows just why everyone in the crowd was so happy to be there to celebrate this milestone in Nao’s career.

Having already released a slew of tracks, including one as a guest voice for Disclosure on single “Super Ego”, Nao has already built up an avid following. Throw in performances at festivals such as; Glastonbury, Field Day and Future Festival and a mention as Annie Mac’s hottest record for her single “Bad Blood” and Nao’s got herself a reputation before her debut album is even out! Oh yeah, and she’s already conquered Jools with a triumphant performance of ‘Girlfriend’.

The album itself holds a whole load of goodies with 14 full length songs that show off what Nao has to offer as an artist, from nostalgic soul to modern chill-step. In between there are also some “voice memo’s” which are snippet recordings of Nao in the studio with her team planning out the tracks.

Another standout feature on the album, is that some of the songs, such as “Happy” and “Adore You” have note and lyric combinations that match, the voice memos serving as interludes between each. Live, Nao ran through highlights from the project, proving that her unique voice is just as good in person as it is on wax, by the end there wasn’t a still body in the room, such is the power of groove of For All We Know.

It isn’t too often that you get album that seems like a whole cohesive piece of work instead of a list of an artist’s best songs but ‘For All We Know’ proves there’s still life in the format, transitioning from track to track and idea to idea seamlessly, both on record and in person.

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