AUSTERE MAGAZINE // January 11, 2016 // London Collections Men: Cottweiler AW16

After a successful collaboration at London boutique Machine-A,
Cottweiler has now released a Menswear collection for Autumn/Winter

The collection was made from all organic, man-made fabrics ranging
from pine green colours to light beige, while the models are presented
to the public in a field of wheat. This is because some of the fabrics
are embroidered with wheat straws and the theme of this collection is
about “a post-civilized society and the agricultural and theoretical
doctrines of this new culture.”As you can see in some of the looks, the
models are enveloped by tinted cellophane which adds to the ‘waterproof’
agricultural worker look that Cottweiler is trying to portray in this

Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell have created an interesting concept
that brings modernity into agriculture-inspired street wear. This is
a great example of how organic fashion can look fashion-forward and well
thought out.

Photography by Luke Hutson-Flynn

AUSTERE MAGAZINE // September 24, 2015 // ASHLEY ISHAM // LFW SS16

This fun-filled, summer holiday, whimsical collection at London
Fashion Week made you forget the impending winter. Ashley Isham
transported us to a beach filled with flowing fabrics, bright print, and
block colours.

Block coloured dresses made an appearance in Isham’s collection, with
giant pinwheel headpieces that added a layer of fun and playfulness. It
was what your summer should be full of.

Pinwheels were a recurring theme on the accessories, animating the
collection as they span ferociously whilst the models glided down the
catwalk. Each person in the audience also received a colourful pinwheel
on their seats. Layers of print and lace carefully placed on top of each
other in thin fabrics, kept the clothing light, and fabric wraps over
one shoulder gave the “going to the beach” notion.

This collection reminds you of how much you should enjoy summer with
friends and family from day to night. Including also menswear in this
collection with swim shorts and some amazing white and navy playsuits,
this really was a collection that everyone could relate to and love.

Photography by James Moffatt


Another dark, fantastic collection has just been launched by Marko Mitanovski!

Marko collaborated with four sculptors: Sonja Gajic, Ivan Stevanovic,
Miki Lakobrija and Milan Stosic, who contributed to the illustrations
of abstract shapes and figuration of emotions throughout the collection.
The jewellery that paired with it was created by the jeweller of the
brand, De Mode.

As the models slowly, creep down the catwalk to Björk’s “Army of Me”
in latex and leather, adorned with jewels enveloping their faces you
notice something on the clothing. Some of the dresses had faces and
hands sculpted into the outfits as if someone was trying to escape them.
Inspirations for Marko’s creations this season were expressionist
artist Munch’s “The Scream”, and Hitchcock’s ‘”The Birds’” and “Psycho”,
which translated impeccably throughout the collection.

I managed to get a quick word in with Marko and asked him this:

Was there much literature inspiration for this collection seeing as you come from a literature background? 

 “I was not inspired by literature with this
collection, I was inspired more by the painting (as mentioned above),
like with the faces in the dresses because of its symbolism of pain and
anger. Also, with textures and forms in nature I collaborate with, and I
would like to mention their names; Sonja Gajic, Ivan Stevanovic, Miki
Lakobrija and Milan Stosic.”

From your last collection with more fabrics, what made you move onto more latex this season?

“We wanted to explore new things, latex allows you to play with shapes and sculpture differently.”

Photography by James Moffatt

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