Faux Furs, jewels, leather and panthers make this ‘Fast Women’ collection  one for the speed chick with attitude.

Clio Peppiatt’s SS17 collection mixed silks and lace alongside heavy denim biker jackets and leathers, meshing delicate and daredevil personalities in purples and golds, with pops of red throughout. Complimenting the collection was an installation of car parts and racing flags in the presentation, where the models posed holding megaphones and steering wheels as well as sitting on car seats.

Signature hand drawn embroidery and delicate embellishments transform light, comfortable fabrications into a fiercely feminine collection. This is complimented by stand out slogans that punctuate the collection in the form of a jewellery collaboration with Tatty Devine, models were emblazoned with ‘Carnage’, ‘Heels ‘n’ Wheels’ and ‘Fast Women’ along with a bold, majestic panther that runs throughout the collection.

Making Clio’s work more well rounded and current, she has even collaborated with Skinny Dip on a range of bold phone cases which are available at Topshop, Asos and Working on collaborating with popular accessories for a lot of designers seems to be the smart way to increase revenue and exposure, and with brands like Tatty Devine and Skinny Dip also being the same target market as Clio Peppiatt, the pieces work together cohesively and effectively.

The Spring / Summer presentation featured shoes by Liudmila, watches by Baby G and hosiery by d bleu dazzled. Styling and consultation by Adele Cany.


Ones To Watch SS16 winner’s collection is an exploration of the brand’s ‘kawaii-punk’ motto and cultural ancestry.

This season, transparent garments are intersected by lively hand painted swirls in bold, primary hues and shimmering pastels. The denim used has been deconstructed, subverted and painted breaking up a fabric that has a tendency to drown a look by making it look too heavy, especially when the silhouettes, like in this collection, are loose.

With the potential for all the pieces to be singular statement pieces or mixed and matched together, the versatility of what Typical Freaks has created adds sophistication and marketability to the pieces shown. The brand are known for taking pride in their DIY aesthetic and all of the screen printing, appliqué and embroidery has been crafted by hand.

The theme of the presentation itself is an unlikely mash up of This Is England’s ‘wedding scene’ and traditional Nigerian wedding dances, as their models act out a lesbian wedding scene with the classic money dance as guests and viewers are encouraged to place Typical Freaks money on the party goers.

The collection also takes inspiration from vintage how-to magazine, Master Clean – ‘Africa’s Fastest Selling Fashion Magazine’. The team used this anthology of clothing patterns and styling options, complete with unintentional Riot Grrrl-esque graphic design, as an inspiration to distill their DIY aesthetic to its purest form.


David Ferreira’s SS17 collection, “I must be the reason for your erection” derives from women being used as objects and puppets

“It’s a journey about sexual desires and urges against what society has defined as the norm and what is expected of people. It is more than about sexuality, it’s about the idea of breaking free from stereotypes and the norms that are forced upon us in many aspect of our lives. It’s about being able to not care if we fit  – killing that little voice that makes us want to fit in.” – David Ferreira

David Ferreira’s SS17 collection’s colour palette is divided into three different stories. The first: white, with relaxed, and less restrained pieces represent a women’s hidden desires and urges under her innocent and pure exterior. The second: bright colours, which explode after the white story, which they should – as it encompasses women embracing all of their desires and urges. Finally: black; which includes structured pieces representing the end of wanting to fit in the crowd.

Throughout the collection you can see references from different time periods that make you think of women or fictional characters, such as Marie Antoinette in the brights part of the story with the silhouette of the traditional dress, and mermaids with the layering of metallic leathers.

Last season saw David Ferreira awarded Fashion Scout’s Merit Award of which he was selected from over 200 emerging designers from across the world. He follows in the successful footsteps of past winners including David Koma, Eudon Choi, Phoebe English, James Kelly, and Xiao Li.

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